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At ‘BeaMeUp@events’ & ‘StreaMeUp@events’ …

you’ll find good & affordable solutions when you need a ‘smaller’ Sound Amplification.

Many many years ago we did run one of the most famous ‘soundmachines’ in the Flemisch region. Today we still offer some complementary audio services for smaller indoor (inside venues or under any roof) events.

We take care of the sound complementary to our video services (Cameraworks & LED screens):

The used equipment includes a compact active line-array (1200 W RMS) and Subs (3000 W RMS). Its obvious that this doesn’t compete with a ‘thunder wall’ based upon 12 or more f.e. L’Acoustics or Adamson subs, what’s often seen during even smaller shows… But as said before, big crowds are not our goal. Other used gear are Sennheiser, Shure (Beta58!), Beyer, AKG, DBX, McKie, X32, … Anyway, sound is controlled at its best using spectrum analysis and Laeq monitoring following legal restrictions.