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At ‘BeaMeUp@events’ & ‘StreaMeUp@events’ …

you’ll find good & affordable solutions when you need a single or multicamera recording.

The purpose can be a capture & recording for post production, for direct live streaming or for an immediate and simultaneous ‘BeaMeUp’ * on one or several big screens. It can also be all of these goals at once… Think about congresses, live shows, ceremonies & funerals,...

All cameraworks can be done in a discrete an economic way, thanks to the use of Robotic PTZ-cameras **. So the cost for cameramen & operators is minimalized. These cameras are remotely controlled from the technical booth or from our ROB Production Van ***. We also have some ‘flying’ PTZ-cameras, allowing a remotely controlled 4 meters wide circular travelling for exclusive PTZ-shots.

Besides the 7 PTZ cameras we have in use, several ENG-style cameras **** can be used as well. In single camera jobs or in a multicamera setup. Some miniaturized box-cameras can be added too, f.e. near drums during a concert.  

We use 4K & 2K gear from Black Magic Design, Roland, Sony, TVOne, Decimator, Lumens, Lilliput, Samsung, Vinten, Draka,… and many other reputated brands.

The link hereunder leads you to a short demo of low-budget (fix positionned ENG-camera) and mid-budget (3 fix positionned PTZ cameras) capture during live-concerts. The goal hereby was a ‘BeaMeUp’ on Led screen, not the recording itself. It’s always important to predefine the goal to specific a camera style and a 2K or 4K resolution as well.

Take a look at a basic multicamera demo

*     ‘BeaMeUp’ = a ‘blowup’ to a bigger size

**    PTZ Camera = Remotely controlled Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

***  ROB Van = Robotic Outside Broadcast Van. Mobile Production Unit or truck.

**** ENG Camera = ‘Electronic News Gathering’ Camera. Handheld  or pedestal mounted camera.